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Epg on Emby
Hello there, can anyone give a hand on how to make the epg work on emby live tv? I tried everything, I can't really understand if the problem in in the epg file/data or in emby itself. On emby live tv, all the logos are loaded for all the channels in the list, but not epg data for all channels. Epg would display only for 2 channels, trutv and bbc news. Tried to see if this 2 channels are different settings from the other ones but nothing, I can't really sort the problem out here.
Epg is for Uk freeview channels and the device I am using is Hdhomerun connect.

Any help would be much appreciated,

cheers Smile
As I already said on Facebook, contact us with your registered email address, so we can look at your account.

It can be 1000 and 1 reason why it's not working for you.

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