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how does it behave if you need more EPG like 500 channels I ask about the payment

and if I need more than 5 M3U files, what does that cost
You have to register a business account.
When you register, you can choose between "personal" and "IPTV Provider".
You of course choose the latter, because you are one.

Please read texts on the website.

The pricing page says in the header "Prices for PERSONAL accounts" and under the packages it says "for B2B prices create a business account".

Also read the FAQ:

Quote:Will I have the Channel Limit even if I have a Business account?
No. With those accounts you can choose all countries and all channels after you paid a subscription.
Please switch on the "gzip file instead of flat xml" option in your profile!

You don't need any m3u files with a business account.
Watch the appropriate video on our youtube channel to learn how you use the service with a business account.

Hint: you find the link to our youtube channel on the website!
I now have 35.88 EUR billed annually
how do i get to buisness acount

how much is a business account?
If you chose a "personal" account although you knew that you want to use it commercially, then don't wonder when your account will be blocked by our automated system.

To make it right, please contact us per email with your registered email address, so I can access your account and tell you what to do.
i use xtream codes to distribute it to about 100 friends this is a business account or private account
including some enigma2 receivers could be some Mag 250 and a some smart TV
We don't allow family and friends services with personal accounts either.
We are not a charity.

Distributing our data to 100 "friends" is already a business.
10 friends are already too much. Nobody has 100 friends who accidentally happen to have an interest in IPTV.

If you are so generous, then you can also pay the business prices for your "friends".

If you can't, then your "friends" have to register and pay their own accounts.

Is it per country or per channel
For business purposes
Business accounts are unlimited in channels and users for a fixed price.

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