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USA Source
Please check your USA source for Spanish channels as most of them have a lot of "empty" slots....... This has been happenning for months, but I was too lazy to report before....Channels affected include CNN EN ESPANOL, FOX DEPORTES, ESPN DEPORTES, GOL TV among others.....Would you mind checking? Thanks !
All those chanels have EPG.
Use the channel list to see if the channel has data.
I didnt say the channels dont have EPG, I said there a lot of empty slots, meaning, for example, is showing data from 10am-11am, then from 11am-2pm there is nothing, then from 2p-3p there is data, then 3p-5p nothing and so on......Thats why I asked you to check the source as its been months since its been happenning on the spanish channels within USA.
ESPN Deportes surely doesn't have empty slots.

I changed the source for the others you listed, so it should be fixed tomorrow.

You have to list all channels which have empty slots, because I can't scroll through 600 or so channels looking for the spanish ones and I surely won't start scanning their data to see if they maybe have an empty slot somewhere.

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