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Synchronizing EPG is a pain

Using so far Rytec's EPG I was generally satisfied. However, offering a richer choice of channels, made me to decide to buy a subscription.

In action, I am very disappointed, facing the usual problem with EPG synchronization. I have tried many settings and tricks in order to manage it to work, but without success. Even if I choose only channels fron my country (Greece), even then, there is time shifting between them!

In a few cases, I managed to correct time shift, channel by channel. In other cases I cannot adjust it, as there is a time difference of 30'.

I don't know what else to do. I am ready to give up. Any idea is welcome.

P.S. I am using IPTV with smartphone, if this says something.
Please read the FAQ.

Set time zones in your profile and on your device and in your software.
Pay attention to Summer/Winter time.
Disable local caching in your app/on your device.

Change the app.

We don't invent those times.

We give you what we get from the official sources.

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