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[NOT] Multiple Arabic channels have non working EPG
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List of channels where the EPG doesn't work:

MBC Bollywood

ART Aflam 1 SA

ART Aflam 2 SA

ART cinema SA

OSN Sports 1 AE

OSN Sports 2 AE

OSN sports cricket AE

OSN Yahala AE

OSN Yahala Cinema AE

CBC Drama EG

CBC Sofra EG

Nile Cinema EG

Nile Comedy EG

Nile Drama EG

Nile Family EG

Nile Life EG

Nile News EG

Rotana Cinema AE

Rotana Classic EG

Rotana Khalijiah EG

Rotana Masriyah EG

Al Manar LB

Al Mayadeen LB




Al Jazeera Arabic QA

Al Jazeera Mubasher QA

beIN sports 1 QA

beIN sports 2 QA

beIN sports 3 QA

beIN sports 4 QA

beIN sports 5 QA

beIN sports 6 QA

beIN sports 7 QA

beIN sports 8 QA

beIN sports 9 QA

beIN sports 10 QA

beIN sports News QA

beIN Movies 1 QA

beIN Movies 2 QA

Iqraa TV SA

Music Now SA

Seevii Shamiya SA

Star World SA

Sunnah SA

Syfy SA

All those channels have EPG.

If you don't get them, the problem is on your side.

Download your xml file with your regular internet browser and check for yourself.

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