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Groupnames not inherit from m3u
My iptv provider have different group names in the m3u file.
Is it possible to inherit these group names in the m3u editor? When I import my m3u I only get 1 group name called (no group) containing all my iptv channels. It seems as if iptv providers group names are not inherited.

Please read the FAQ on the website.

Quote:I imported my m3u file into the editor, but there are no categories, why?
You need to use a link for the download or import of your m3u file with the options "type=m3u_plus&output=ts" instead of "type=m3u&output=ts".

We import groups found in the m3u file.
If there are no groups, your m3u file had no groups.

Groups are imported from group-title="" tags.

This and similar lines in an m3u are not groups. This is bullshit:

Quote:#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="" tvg-name="▬ Austria [AT] ▬" tvg-logo="",▬ Austria [AT] ▬

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