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Parental code
can I use a parental control code for adult films
its set in whatever you are using(kodi,ect) not in the m3u.
look in your settings.
could you tell me more exactly what settings you mean here in the epg settings or in xtream codes settings if you mean xtream codes where exactly is the setting.
He didn't talk aboiut xtream codes.

You set parental codes on the user end in the media center app/software not on the streaming platform nor in the EPG file.

Please go to the Xtream Codes forum to receive support about Xtream Codes.
I would use this service
but also does not want to prefer one
in xtream-editor there is an options field for certain xxx channels with a parent control code to create
to the admin can also offer this on your website
I don't know what that option should do in xtream editor, but it is probably something for their Enigma2 plugin or so...
EPG provides rating information in most cases. In many cases it doesn't.
Some software have options to recognize those ratings and hide the data if needed.

As a normal user you can use the parental control of your media center for the channel, like in KODI:
If you hide a channel behind a code, the EPG data will be hidden as well.

Everything else doesn't make sense at all.
I also can't find any information on the net, how it should work.
XMLTV format has no parental contor tags. At least I don't know and I can't find anything about it.

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