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no second xml file
Hi, I have created a second m3u list , edited it and have the new url , but I only have one xml file in "My Channels" ? the original xml file , the reason I am asking if this is correct is because the when i enter the second m3u file and the single xml files in pvr simple client , channels work but I have no epg ?
epg now doesn't work on the first m3u if i re enter it either.
need advice please.
Just a little more info , I have 2xm3u files uploaded and edited , one has 165 channels with epg , the other has 169. when i load either m3u into kodi along with my xml file and restart kodi , i get the channels loading message and also the "loading epg from **** channel message " but have zero epg ? have been looking around the site to see whether I am only allowed one m3u file uploaded at a time but have not found any info yet.
I already replied to your email.

I tested your m3u files and both are working fine.

You need to disable local databases and cache and after you changed the m3u file in your iptv app, you need to refresh data.
Also restart your software.
All sorted now thankyou for prompt response.

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