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Smart Iptv compatible

Some of the channels TVG-ID are not compatible with the smartiptv application on Samsung.
For exemple, is on smart iptv. Or the swiss channel RTS1 is and on smart iptv.

Can I edit  the given IDs on iptv-epg and put my ID (the one compatible with smart iptv)??

I've tried but it's not accepted.

Any suggestion

Best regards
As far as I know you can't even use our EPG with Smart IPTV on Samsung (or any other platform for that matter), because you can't add external EPG link to that app.

That's a closed system using precoded tvg-ids for Rytec EPG through Stalker Portal.

I think, you just believe you are using our EPG although in reality you are using Rytec EPG.

Maybe I am mistaken, you can teach me if I am wrong.
I have no Samsung TV.

Anyway, to your question: no, you can't edit the tvg-id.
It doesn't work like that.

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