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How long does it take to sync?
I updated my EPG at over a week ago, added some new channels.

However, has not detected the changes yet.

How long does this typically take? Can we get a button to force a sync or something?
I have no clue what you are doing over there on xtream-editor com and what we should sync with them and why.

You have everything here what you can have over there and more.

Watch the video on the main page to learn how to use the site.
Xstream's M3U editor is just easier to use then here at IPTV-EPG.

In the past, when I've updated my M3U from Xstream, IPTV-EPG would update within 24 hours with the changes.

This has stopped happening, and hasn't happened in over two weeks ago.
I have no clue what you are doing.

We have nothing to do with xtream editor.
We don't watch, what you change over there. How should we?

We update what we have to update. Namely your EPG file based on your chosen channels ON OUR SITE.
That's all we do.
What xtream editor does or does not, we don't know.

Ask them.

What is easier to use there in your opinion?
Our system is not set in stone.
We can take constructive criticism and/or advices how we could make it better.
We want to make it better.

If something is not right or you have a better idea how to do it, you can tell us, you don't have to run to xtream editor.

Like the hungarian proverb says: Not even the mother can understand the word of a mute child.
I made a typo in my first post, and thats where the confusion is coming from... lets start over.

I edit my M3U at xtream-editor (XE). I took my M3U link from XE, and plugged it into iptv-epg (IE).

According to your own FAQ, when my M3U updates, it should update here at IE within 24 hours. This has worked previously... however, it has not updated in over 2 weeks now.

When I update my M3U, it does not update here at IE.
I understand now.

It should update, however it's possible that there is a problem with the updating process.

We will look at it, however you have to wait until early-mid January.
I don't know when the programmers start to work.

Please send your registered email address as a PM, so we can look at your account.

However, if you would use our editor, you wouldn't have this problem :-P

Our editor is pretty much the same as the other one, we just have more options for you, therefore it seems to be more complicated.

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