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Edits to channel list are lost
I've just sent you an email and another PM. Any luck this time?
Yes, I got your PM.
Email didn't come through. No clue why.

I marked a huge amount of movies as VOD now in your list.
They are not in the list anymore, because you marked them with "exclude from m3u" anyway.

In your EPL Football group there are "channels" which seem to be VOD movies. I have set them to "No EPG..." and deleted the tvg-ids.

Other than that I don't see a problem on your account.

I finetuned your channels a bit, but you have still marked 140 channels to "Get EPG" and added tvg-ids to them.

Please Set 40 channels (unique tvg-id!) to "No EPG..." and set their tvg-id to "empty" and move them into a different group called "Test" or something like that, so we can see if they change back.

This is the only way we can see, if there is a problem with the system.
Thanks for looking at this.

By making updates to the playlist you have triggered the problem that I see. My saved editor data has 83 channels. Whenever I do an edit this changes to 140 or more so I have to restore the editor data. In a previous post I uploaded three image files. IPTVEPG1 shows 142 channels in use which is what happens after an edit. IPTVEPG2 shows the wrong edits for a group. IPTVEPG3 shows the same group when I restore the editor data. The group on show after your changes now matches IPTVEPG2.

So to fix the 140 channels I to restore old editor data. I'll PM a link to the editor data so you can view the 83 channels version and then see it change to 143 channels.
The file has 96 channels after import.
You can edit whatever you want, everything works fine.

Only if you click the "Save All" button under the groups, the channels jump to 142.

We will look into it.

I will let you know when we fixed it.
I am so dumb!

I don't know how I could miss that.

It's nothing wrong with your account nor with the editor.
It's working as intended.

Because you have channels in your groups marked as "No EPG, ..." when you click the "save group" or "save all" buttons, the channels of course take over the setting of the group.

So if your group's setting is actually "Get EPG" and you click the save button next to the group name, all the channels within the group become "Get EPG".

So be very cautious with those group save buttons.
I see what you mean. Your explanation doesn't seem quite right. Image IPTVEPG2 in one of my previous posts shows that some channels get marked "Get EPG" and some don't, and it isn't clear why some are chosen and others not.

But the workaround is quite clear = "be very careful if using "save all". So that you keep my lists reliable from here on.

Thanks for your help.
YOU are the one who sets the option to "Get EPG" or anything else.
We don't change that.

All channels get the setting of the group they are in.
If a channel is in the group that is set to "get EPG" and you set the channel to "No EPG..." then it won't get EPG even if the group setting is Get EPG.

If you click the save button next to the group name, then the channel will get the group setting again as the save button on the group page will force the group setting on ALL channels in that group.

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