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No channel list anymore in case of m3u file
We have changed how the site works, because people were confused by the channels being visible in the m3u editor AND in the "My Channels" list.

If you uploaded an m3u file, you will be able to edit it it in the m3u editor as usual and your XML file will be generated automatically for those channels, which you have set to "Get EPG".

You won't see the "My Channels" list anymore!

If you set more channels to "Get EPG" than you are actually allowed by your subscription package, random channels will be added to your XML file!

For example, if you have a subscription for 100 channels, but you set 300 channels to "Get EPG" in the editor, the system will put 100 random channels into your XML file from those channels which you have set to "Get EPG".

So please be very precise and set only those channels to "Get EPG" which you REALLY want EPG for!

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