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Being new to the service I have these comments.

1. The field for the channelnames is too small and it is difficult to indentify the different channels especially if there are options (BBC one, BBC one Scotland etc). If the field would be bigger you could identify the channels by one glance!

2. Would it be possible to change the starting point so that all the channels are marked as "No EPG keep in m3u" instead of "Get EPG"? This way one could choose only the channels you want EPG for insted of deleting the ones you do not want (which I think are in the majority).

For your information my choosing of around 200 channels required some 2 hours of work.


Alf Heikkinen
Thank you for your input.

1. The field of the channel name is as long as it can be. You can rename your channels to have a shorter name, if it disturbs you that they are too long.

2. When you start to import your m3u file, all the groups are marked as "No EPG, delete from M3U".
That setting will be added to all channels in that group.

If you choose "Get EPG" for the group, all the channels will have that option.
It's always a personal choice. Do you want to keep or delete the majority of the channels in a group. We don't know.

So, if you set a group to get EPG, all the channels will be set to get EPG in that group.
You can then set it to something else during the editing process.

I am sorry, if in your case you wanted to delete more channels, than to keep, but somebody else may want it exactly the opposite way, then he would complain that he had to set all the channels to "get EPG".

Channels inheriting their group's option is the programatically logical way.

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