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bein Sport1 arab wrong data
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Please compare data in  and data in :

you can see that is wrong 

best regards
It's not a bug. The programming changes on bein channels fast and in this case in its entirety.
You still see the old data, because the server didn't update the schedule yet.

We update everything once a day and your xml is updated once a day too.

I updated the channels manually now.
I updated your xml file as well.

You can update your xml on your own by clicking the save button.

btw you should switch on the gz compression in your profile, because you generate a 124MB file, which you have to download every time you call the url and that will slow down the download AND generates unnecessary high bandwith usage as well.

I waited for you to fix the bug update epg, hoping that it will correct the incorrect data for that I already report, thank you to see the xml load and see the official website:

1. XML
<programme start="20171030220000 +0100" stop="20171030234500 +0100" channel="">
    <title lang="en">Zalgiris Kaunas vs Real Madrid - EuroLeague Basketball 2017/2018</title>
    <category lang="en">Basketball - Euroleague - (Women)</category>
<programme start="20171030234500 +0100" stop="20171030234500 +0100" channel="">
    <title lang="en">Olimpia Milan vs FC Barcelona - EuroLeague Basketball 2017/2018</title>
    <category lang="en">Basketball - Euroleague - (Women)</category>
<programme start="20171030234500 +0100" stop="20171031013000 +0100" channel="">
    <title lang="en">Leeds United vs Sheffield United - EFL-English Football League -Championship 2017/18</title>
    <category lang="en">English League - Championship</category>

2. official website:
UEFA Europa League World Magazine EP.4
UEFA Europa League
23:00 - 00:00

and please know that all beinsports qa channels are good exept

best regards
I already answered this in the other topic you created and which I am merging with this now.

It win't do anything if you keep creating new topics about this.
It will result in me starting to ignore you.
You ignore m'y request that why i create that in general support, and you not fix the problem .
Are you trying to solve the problem ?
I'm client I paid for service. And I try to explain as I can the problem, is simple to answer, fixing the problem that why are we here

And I'm not here cause l'm happy , be responsible, and respectful to me
Again: The programming changed completely within a day.
I don't know why it happened.
I don't know if BeinSport really changed the programming completely, or just some intern doesn't know what he's doing, but the data was right at the time when we imported it.

We will try to update the data more often, than once a day, but it is not a bug on our side and if it happens, you have to live with it, because we can'T do anything about it. Nobody can! Only BeinSport itself.

That's all I am saying.

If you would actually read what I am saying, instead of being butthurt, both of our lives would be easier.

I didn't ignore you.
I replied.
You ignored the reply.

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