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Thumbs Down has wrong EPG (It has LATAM version)...... Please use this one instead ...... Thanks !
There is no such channel as TLC Mexico.

There is TLC spanish speaking for Latin America
and there is TLC Brazil in Portuguese
When you have up to 4 versions of the same channel for the spanish speaking countries, it gets very confussing sometime...... For sure there are 2 different spanish versions..... Let me further investigate....... Thanks
Ok thanks!
I did investigate and, as I said, there are two versions in spanish with different programming..... I have both channels...... Both with the same name....... Please use the url I sent you for the MX version ( I call it MX because it has MX commercial ads) and, the one you already have in the MX lineup perhaps you can move it to Panama as the LATAM version..... I know its confussing, but its how it is....
We have this in the german speaking countries, where the same channel shows country specific advertisement.

And there is for example AXN in eastern european countries, where the same programming is shown in different languages and the advertising should be for the specific country. They still didn't manage though after 15 years, that they match the advertising to the country.

They show czech and romanian advertising in Hungary and Hungarian advertising in Romania. They totally switched the languages and nobody cares since at least 15 years.  Big Grin
I just mentioned the advertising in order for me to explain why that channel was from Mexico...The programming is completly different as well....

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