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Channels Not Updating on 2nd Device
Good moring,

A bit new to all this but I have a problem, that for the life of me I cannot sort out...

I use TiViMate on FireStick and have set up on 2 TV's (A FireStick 3rd Gen on one TV and a FireStick 4K on other TV)... the TiViMate App is Premium and up to date...

I have perfomed a Backup on FireStick 3rd Gen and restored it on FireStick 4K... All good... well nearly... Although the Channels are in the right groups and in the right order the PROBLEM is that the TV Guide does not update on the Firestick 4K... The parameters (.m3u and .xml.gz) are both exactly the same on the 2 devices...

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

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