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Movie / TV Show entry for VOD
In order to add movies or tv shows to my m3u file i currently have to manage alot in the editor. 
Would it  not be better/easier to mark groups as vod specified by movie/tv show and mark the channels/groups you want in these entries. I have read you think this might make our app slow but the constant need of moving arround groups and channels or marking them as vod is feeling tedious and should be done at our own risk

Also for tv shows it would be great to have tv shows show up as only a season and then click the poster openiong all episodes this way you the informatie is much more clearly on screen.

Using the app and epg on daily basis but currently having IPTVsmarters app installed just for vod wich works but i like the EPIG player much better in quality and control functions + prettier UI.
I am not really understanding your point.

You can set groups and movies as VOD in the editor.

If you import an m3u and a group or show is marked as VOD already by your iptv provider or it has specific words in the title, it will be set automatically as VOD in the editor.

I don't understand what else you want.
Let me try and explain more clearly...

After i imported my m3u url several groups with vod show up like folow:

Movies 1
Movies 2
Movies 3 etc

TV Shows 1
TV  Show 2 etc

When i mark a group as vod these groups as VOD they will show up in the app also as these groups i want them to be merged into a single entry on the interface for movies and tv shows so the interface looks messy, my provider has over 10 tv show groups and 8 movie groups. Either being able to mark groups as movie vod and give it a single entry same for tv show would make the interface much better and more manageable with the new auto accept systems i only have to mark my groups once. Below link example of my groups list:
[Image: example-grous.png]

Below current app i use to watch vod.

[Image: example-movies-tv-shows-entry.jpg]
First of all those groups are marked as "exclude from m3u" and also have 0 shows in them. Just delete them!

You need to set the dropdown menu to VOD. Just becasue VOD is writteb in the title, that doesn't make it a VOD group.

Also you have an editor.
If you want all your VOD movies under one tab, then put everything into one group.

If you want the groups be under one tab, put them into a separate m3u file and name the m3u file VOD (or whatever you desire) and then in our apps you will have all of the groups under a unique "tab".

I am really sorry, but we can not develop our service for matching a random app on the net and matching your taste.

There are also way better solutions for watching movies, than wading through endless lists of useless VOD movies.

IPTV providers should stop doing this useless BS.

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