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Peru Channels
All Peru EPG data is 2 hours ahead.......... Please check ! Thanks !
Peru has the same source now like the USA and many others.

They are grabbed in UTC.

There are not many sources for Latin America, so I won't be able to change it, because I just did from the source that didn't work anymore.

Refresh, empty local caches etc.

If doesn't help, then timeshift.
It is behind.... I cant timeshift with Xtream Editor...Not individually..... Its a shame.
All are definetley 2 hours ahead.....Is there any other tweak you can do in order to sync them / Anything at all ? Thanks !
They can't be all behind, because they use 2 different sources.

I can't imagine that both sources have exactly the same problem.

Which channels are "all channels"?
The local ones... Latina, Panamericana, TV Peru.... I should have said all "local" as Im not testing any cable channels on the Peruvian lineup as of yet.....
Because no follow up on this, I moved it to declined

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