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What are the Channel/Group options in the M3U editor
We refined the M3U editor a bit.

Now you can choose if you want to keep the Groups and Channels in your M3U list or not.

"Get EPG" will of course keep the Group/Channel active for EPG.You can add tvg-ids to those channels.

"No EPG, keep in M3U" will keep the Group/Channel on our site, and it will keep it in the M3U list, but no tvg-id can be assigned.
It's for example for Movies and Series, which are not TV channels but VOD movies, or if you can not assign a tvg-id to a channel, but you want to keep it in your M3U list, because you want to watch it.

"No EPG, delete from M3U" will keep the Group/Channel on our site, but it will delete it from the M3U list for now.
It's for Groups/Channels which you are unsure about. It's like the butter knife at the edge of the kitchen sink: "maybe I will make another sandwitch, maybe not."
You can always add these Groups/Channels back to your M3U.

"Delete from M3U" will delete the Group/Channel from our site AND from the M3U permanently.
It's for Groups/Channels which you surely don't want to keep.

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