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Greek channels
Could you please add EPG for the following channels:

From Cosmote:
1. ONE Channel HD
3. Village Cinema HD
(The channel "", for which you already have EPG, should be renamed to "" or "" since it now broadcasts only in Cyprus by CytaVision platform. The aforementioned "Village Cinema HD" is broadcasted only in Greece by CosmOte platform, so it should be named "" or "" or "".)

From Nova:
(EPG for these channels is already in your service but doesn't show any EPG. This is probably due to the messed up EPG of Nova platform. So, if it's difficult to get EPG from Nova, you can get it from Nova Cyprus or CytaVision Cyprus. EPG for "NovalifεHD" is shown but not properly. This is due to the fact that EPG from Nova and Nova Cyprus are in capital letters, and it seems that they are automatically converted to non-accented small letters, which makes them difficult to understand. If this conversion is done by your service, please undo it.)
1. Novacinema1HD
2. Novacinema2HD
3. Novacinema3HD
4. Novacinema4HD
5. NovalifεHD
6. Novasports24HD
7. Eurosport 1HD
8. Eurosport 2

Edit: Please, also add InsightTV from Nova!

From CytaVision Cyprus: (EPG is already in your service but doesn't show any EPG.)
1. Animal Planet (number 62)
2. Discovery (number 60)
3. Discovery Showcase (number 360)
4. History (number 68)
5. Boomerang (number 321)
Added ONE

Cosmote series is Cinema 4 and is in the list since forever

Added Village Cinema

Added Insight.

All other stuff doesn't belong here.

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