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Channel Timeshift Option
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Attila, would it be possible to implemment the channel timeshift option, not from the M3U editor level, but from the channel selection list itself so customers that dont use the M3U editor can also benefit from this feature? For example, instead of having only the checkbox for adding or removing a channel on a country lineup, you can perhaps include a second input for the time shifting to have the cust add 1 or 2 or 3 or -2 or nothing at all for no timeshifting........ What do you think ?
Sorry, it won't happen.

It would cause too much confusion not only among the users, but also within the program itself.

Tinkering with the xml on the time zone level, the time shift level and the m3u timeshift level is calling for immediate trouble and mountains of bugs.

If you want time shift, you need to leave xtream editor.

I also won't do (and pay) the work, just because you are lazy to leave there. Tongue
I Understand..... Thanks !

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