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Fulfilled requests
How long does it usually take for a newly added channel to show up? I used the channel list page as well as trying to fill in the TVG-ID of a channel but it doesn't seem that the channel is available yet. The channel request was filled 7 hrs ago. I'm not complaining, I just would like to know for future reference when to expect requests to become available.

Usually shows up the next day, I would say give it atleast 24 hours
Thanks for the info.
(05-18-2020, 11:08 PM)GroupMaster Wrote: Thanks for the info.

epg is available now..

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once its been added it should start showing on the xml immediately, as far as content/schedule I want to believe it would be there as well but they would more then likely have it on a cron that fetches them all at set times.

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