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Need EPG INFO if you can please.
I tried all the different formats as in: an WWED.US, and the ones below i could not find in the database, love this service and would appreciate if these could be added, thanks! Big Grin Cool

US: CW22 (Raleigh)


US: ABC 13 (Grand Rapids)

US: ABC 13 (Hampton Roads)

US: ABC 17 (Jefferson City)

US: ABC 22 (Dayton)

US: ABC 24 (Memphis)

US: ABC 25 (Bryan)

US: ABC 27 (Harrisburg)

US: ABC 28 (Lubbock)

US: ABC 3 (Pensacola)

US: ABC 3 (Shreveport)

US: ABC 36 (Lexington)

US: ABC 4 (Battle Creek)

US: ABC 40/29 (Fort Smith)

US: ABC 45 (Winston-Salem)

US: ABC 5 (St. Paul)

US: ABC 68 (Birmingham)

US: ABC 7 (Cedar Rapids)

US: ABC 7 (Fort Myers)

US: ABC 7 (New Mexico)

US: ABC 8 (Richmond)

US: ABC 9 (Manchester)

US: ABC 9 (Syracuse)

US: TN | Memphis | ABC WATN

US: CBS 10 (Altoona PA)

US: CBS 10 (Corpus Christi)

US: CBS 10 (Lafayette LA)

US: CBS 10 (Lincoln NE)

US: CBS 10 (Springfield)

US: CBS 10 (Waco TX)

US: CBS 11 (Little Rock AR)

US: CBS 11 (Savannah GA)

US: CBS 11 (Spartanburg SC)

US: CBS 11 (Tri Cities)

US: CBS 12 (E Providence)

US: CBS 12 (Santa Maria CA)

US: CBS 12 (Shreveport LA)

US: CBS 12 (West Palm Beach)

US: CBS 13 (Albuquerque NM)

US: CBS 13 (Eugene OR)

US: CBS 13 (Huntington WV)

US: CBS 13 (Jefferson City)

US: CBS 15 (Fort Wayne)

US: CBS 2 (Spokane)

US: CBS 21 (Dallas TX)

US: CBS 3 (Bryan)

US: CBS 3 (Omaha NE)

US: CBS 33 (Flint MI)

US: CBS 4 (Harlinger TX)

US: CBS 5 (Flint MI)

US: CBS 5 (Mobile AL)

US: CBS 7 (Roanoke VA)

US: CBS 8 (Montgomery)

US: CBS 9 (Yakima)

US: CBS 2 (Boise ID)

TN-VA | Tri-Cities | CBS WJHL

US: NBC 10 (Hampton VA)

US: NBC 10 (Roanoke VA)

US: NBC 12 (Monthomery AL)

US: NBC 12 (Richmond VA)

US: NBC 12 (Winston Salem NC)

US: NBC 13 (Albany NY)

US: NBC 13 (Birmingham AL)

US: NBC 15 (Alabama)

US: NBC 17 (Decatur IL)

US: NBC 18 (Lexington KY)

US: NBC 2 (Dayton OH)

US: NBC 21 (Fort Wayne IN)

US: NBC 22 (Springfield MA)

US: NBC 23 (Brownsville TX)

US: NBC 23 (Bryan)

US: NBC 23 (Tri Cities WA)

US: NBC 24 (Fresno CA)

US: NBC 25 (Bloomington IL)

US: NBC 28 (wilkes barre PA)

US: NBC 3 (Savannah GA)

US: NBC 3 (Springfield MO)

US: NBC 3 (Syracuse)

US: NBC 4 (Albuquerque NM)

US: NBC 4 (Greenville SC)

US: NBC 4 (Hastings NE)

US: NBC 4 (Little Rock AR)

US: NBC 4 (tucson AZ)

US: NBC 46 (Sioux City IA)

US: NBC 5 (Colorado Springs CO)

US: NBC 5 (Memphis TN)

US: NBC 5 (Salt Lake City)

US: NBC 5 (West Palm Beach FL)

US: NBC 6 (Bluefield VA)

US: NBC 6 (Corpus Christi TX)

US: NBC 6 (Omaha NE)

US: NBC 6 (Paducah KY)

US: NBC 6 (Santa Barbara CA)

US: NBC 6 (Spokane WA)

US: NBC 6 (Temple TX)

US: NBC 7 (Boise ID)

US: NBC 7 (Greenville NC)

US: NBC 7 (Waterloo IA)

US: NBC 8 (Grand Rapids MI)

US: NBC 8 (Jefferson City)

TN-VA | Tri-Cities | NBC WCYB

US: FOX 10 (Alabama)

US: FOX 11 (Santa Barbara)

US: FOX 11 (Tucson)

US: FOX 12 (Providence)

US: FOX 13 (Albuquerque)

US: FOX 15 (Fargo)

US: FOX 15 (Lafayette)

US: FOX 16 (Little Rock)

US: FOX 17 (Des Moines)

US: FOX 18 (Davenport)

US: FOX 20 (McAllen)

US: FOX 21 (Asheville)

US: FOX 21 (Greenville SC)

US: FOX 22 (Jefferson City)

US: FOX 22 (South Bend)

US: FOX 23 (Cape Girardeau)

US: FOX 26 (Fresno)

US: FOX 27 (Roanoke)

US: FOX 28 (Durham)

US: FOX 28 (Raleigh)

US: FOX 28 (Savannah)

US: FOX 28 (Spokane)

US: FOX 29 (West Palm Beach)

US: FOX 31 (Rochester)

US: FOX 33 (Shreveport)

US: FOX 35 (Salinas)

US: FOX 36 (Lumberton)

US: FOX 36 (San Jose)

US: FOX 38 (Corpus Christi)

US: FOX 4 (Anchorage)

US: FOX 4 (Cape Coral)

US: FOX 43 (Virginia)

US: FOX 44 (Burlington)

US: FOX 44 (Evansville)

US: FOX 44 (Waco)

US: FOX 45 (Ohio)

US: FOX 49 (Osage Beach)

US: FOX 5 Plus ( District of Columbia)

US: FOX 50 (Raleigh)

US: FOX 51 (Gainesville)

US: FOX 54 (Augusta)

US: FOX 55 (Fort Wayne)

US: FOX 55 (Illinois)

US: FOX 55 (Rock Hill)

US: FOX 56 (Lexington)

US: FOX 6 (Birmingham)

US: FOX 66 (Flint)

US: FOX 7 (Miami)

US: FOX 7 (Sioux Falls)

US: FOX 9 (Secaucus)

US: MY 25 (Alabama)

US: MY 30 (Nashville)

US: MY 40 (Carolina)

US: MY 48 (Greensboro)

US: MY 49 (Buffalo)

US: MY 49 (Paducah)

US: MY 53 (Williamsport)

US: MY33 (Hampton Roads)

US: MY33 (Miami)

US: MY45 (Phoenix)

US: MY50 (Chicago)

Yeah... no.

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