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Can you add next channels
This channels are from Spain:
  1. Canal Sur Andalucia
  2. Canal Sur Andalucia 1
  3. Andalucia TV andalucia turismo andalucia flamenco andalucia cocina Antena 3 Internacional (españa) SHE TV MEXICO
Distrito TV's EPG is useless

Canal Sur and Canal Sur Andalucia is already in the Spain list.
The linked site is useless as it has only 1 day of EPG.
Antena 3 is already in the Spain list.
You need to read the forum rules and check the channel list at the top of the page.

SheTV's EPG is useless on their website.
There is absolutely no info about it anywhere on the net, not to speak about comprehensible EPG data.

Almost all these channels also seem rather to be collections of videos, than real tv streams.

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