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Im Creating a new thread as im not able to reply to your response. 

I have tried all 5 natgeopeople.?? and none of them produce a epg, all blank, assuming all links need to be updated. 

Can you update any of the links below, so we can have a working epg? · · · ·
Nat Geo People

You linked an arabic website. That should have given a clue.
Nat Geo People is not available in the USA or at least it has no unique programming for the USA.

Use our channel list to find EPG for the channel in different languages. Also in English.

Actually that feed you just linked is also in our channel list.

Please read the FAQ about how we list channels and read the forum rules to learn what you are allowed to ask for.
All of them have full epg except India.
I deleted the channel from the India list as it seems that it is not available by the source anymore.

Please read the FAQ what you can do if you don't see the data in your TV app.

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