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[ADDED SIMILAR FEATURE] Select-All / Deselect All
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Would you guys mind creating some links in the channel editor to select all and deselect all on a per country basis?  

Great service BTW.

We had such a feature, but people were abusing it by selecting only whole countries, because they were lazy or because they didn't understand that there are actual channels to choose.

It generated unnecessary bandwidth usage.

When you edit your m3u file entirely and you add all the tvg-ids to the channels, the first X channels (based on your package) will be selected automatically.
If the channels are deselected due to any reasons, a "select all channels" button will appear.

If you have a business account, it's not possible at the moment, but we will add a feature soon which will scan your server for live streams and will check the channels automatically.
We do have a business account and I made a work-around by injecting some custom javascript into the page from my Chrome Shortcut Bar.  Scanning my m3u file from my server would be great.  When do you expect that feature to be available?
You can help us if you have Xtream Codes and then we can have it this week.

I would need an access to the API on your server, which I can only do if you enable my IP address on your server for access and you send me the links to your API.

We need to see the pattern of the API.

You also need to send me your domain name and port number so we can build two links:

Then we can do it in no time.

If you are willing to help, send me a PM or an email.
Of course if we want this to work, you have to ensure, that your channels are named right.

Preferably like "Official Channel Name 2-LETTER-COUNTRYCODE"
(Sky Movies UK)
Even more preferably, when your channels have the exact same name as ours :-D
Because we actually care for having the official names and countries in our list.

Anything else will fail most probably.

Channel names like "ARAB: Totally Idiotic Made Up Name" won't work.

Also things like *>°< EX-YU >°<* shouldn't be there.

Also channels shouldn't be in wrong countries, or things like CZ/HU channels which is a completely idiotic thing and which all Rapid Resellers love to just keep in their channel list, although a channel is either Czech or Hungarian, but it can never be both.
We have a new feature where you can import your m3u file or your list using the APi. Selecting channels will be automaticly done by the system, if the channel names are recognized.
first hello to all here and a happy new year
the choice of channels is really scary at the beginning
There are hardly any logos in the area of Grecce if logos are synqronized with that would be great.  <--------------------

With what devices / softwares am I NOT able to use your service?
This list is by far not complete, so we are depending on your feedback too!
Any closed systems and Add Ons, like Stalker and SmartIPTV
MAG Box  <---------------------------- this is meant only for the end customer

I have xtream codes in use because can deposit the epg address and it is automatically epg synonymous sent to the MAGs or am I wrong there???????  <---------------

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