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Is there an issue with most U.S. EPG?
It looks like most if not all the U.S. EPG is ahead by 6 hours in all of my playlists that I use iptv-epg with. UK and Canadian seem fine but it's showing me EPG for shows that are on 6 hours from now. Is anyone else having this issue also? I know I haven't altered all my playlists to change U.S. Channels 6 hours ahead.

Thanks in advance
You are using server time default in your profile which is GMT+1 which is 6 hours ahead of EST.

If you didn't change that, then you have a problem in your software/hardware at home.
Read the FAQ about timezones and timeshift.

Also possible that due to the maintenance these things were affected as we have saving issues too.
Please read the Status Report Forum.
We are working on that.
Just to add, I have the same issue. The epg was correct until recently where it changed to 6 hours ahead for US channels. I haven't checked other countries.
The problem is in the xml file not saving the settings from the profile page.
The xml has time zones saved how they come from the source.

We will fix it.
Please be patient!
It has been fixed.

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