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question in regarding the recount functionality.

I have a few channel groups and between them all there are overlaps, duplication of channels..e.g BBC News.  One group might have it in there becuase it's UHD, another group becuase it's HD...
Anyway..I'm not really in the practice of deleting channels, just on the off chance that I might need to use it one day, therefore I set it to 'no epg, exclude from m3u'.  I noticed though, that when the recount button is pressed, it includes them in the numbering even though they aren't in the m3u.  So for 1st channel no. is 19.  Channels 1-18 are excluded from m3u.

It's not a big deal, but was wondering whether I am going about this the wrong way, or it's by design.

Actually the autonumbering is just for lazy people.
It means nothing.
Most apps can't use the numbering anyways and they will number your channels however the eff they want.

Apps which understand numbering in m3u files, might get confused by duplicate numbering, that's why you should number your channels without duplicates, but if you don'T care, you use the auto function.

Then there are apps which actually read the channel numbering from the m3u and use it actively for example by pressing the number of the channel on the remote control, switching the TV to that actual channel number.
For example our app does this.

For these apps you can change the number to whatever you want.
This is an editor.
The numbers are in a text field.
Simply change the number by rewriting it and then click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page.
You will have the number for the channel you wanted.

Also you can rearrange the channels how you want. You can put channel 1 after channel 52 and still when you put the number 1 on the remote, (using our app) your TV will switch to that channel with the number 1.

This is for people who are used to numbers given by their cable provider, but want to have a different order of their channels.

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