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2 m3u = 2 EPG
Hello, if I upload 2 m3u lists should I not get 2 separate EPG files?
I have uploaded 2 m3u lists but there is only one EPG link in the account.
You get only one xml file.
There is absolutely no reason to have two xml files.
Oh, maybe I'm confused then. I uploaded 2 m3u lists that are from 2 separate IPTV Providers just in case one is temp down, Area 51 and Beast so in the TiViMate Android app I have both playlists separated, I thought I would need a separate EPG file for each playlist. So I assume all I do then is just enable EPG for the other playlist then your system will merge all the streams into one massive EPG file?
(01-13-2020, 08:16 PM)Epg Admin Wrote: Exactly

Okay, thanks, now one more question on this, does the EPG detect channel by stream name or channel name?

So if both providers have the same channel name like "US: History", I would still need to enable EPG for both providers channel in the playlist, right?
or as long as both playlists have same channel name "US: History" then I only need to enable the EPG for one of the paylist since the other channel in the other playlist has the same channel name "US: History" it will all so get the EPG?
Channel names are completely irrelevant to anything.
EPG comes from the tvg-id.

If you watch the tutorial video on the main page you learn how all this works.

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