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EX-YU Channel additions
Hi first time posting loving the service, have some EX-YU country channels listed if any, all or some could be added please for the following would be much appreciated, hopefully im doing this right and posted all the right info- 


HTV5 or HRTint
. -
LAUDATO TV -!kanal=laudato-tv
POLJOPRIVEDNA TV -!kanal=p...ivredna-tv
PLANET SPORT 3 -!kanal=planet-sport-3
EPIC DRAMA!kanal=epic-drama


RTV HIT or HIT TV Brcko -!kanal=rtv-hit
TV K3 -!kanal=kanal-3-prnjavor
RTV SLON -!kanal=rtv-slon
BN MUSIC -!kanal=bn-music
IZVORNA TV -!kanal=izvorna-tv
SEDVAH TV -!kanal=sevdah-tv
TNT KIDS -!kanal=tnt-kids
MTV IGMAN -!kanal=mtv-igman
RTV USK -!kanal=rtv-usk
NTV IC -!kanal=ntv-ic

RTS MUZIKA -!kanal=rts-muzika
RTS KOLO -!kanal=rts-kolo
RTS ZIVOT -!kanal=rts-zivot
RTS POLETARAC -!kanal=rts-poletarac
RTS DRAMA -!kanal=rts-drama
NOVI PAZAR -!kanal=novi-pazar
PRVA MAX -!kanal=prva-max
PRVA KICK -!kanal=prva-kick
PRVA WORLD -!kanal=prva-world
PINK LOL -!kanal=pink-lol
PIKABOO -!kanal=pikaboo
TV HRAM!kanal=tv-hram
NOVA SPORT-!kanal=nova-sport-rs
SUPERSTAR TV -!kanal=superstar-tv


NOVA 24TV!datum=2...=nova-24tv

RTCG sat -!kanal=tvcg-sat

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