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Use our own app called EPiG to get full EPG without needing an XML! You find it in your profile!

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Newbie No Info On Guide

I am free trialing your product and everything worked fine with the exception that the epg is not showing the information. No guide info just icon of channel and name.

Thank you.

so, I installed the apk on my ftv cube and less than 1% of epg info is there. It says No EPG data available.  But the product seems good. I crossed reference my iptv to see if the epg info is showing epg and it is.  Does it take a while to populate?
Please read the FAQ and watch the tutorial videos on our youtube channel.
Start with the one on the main page to learn how to use the site.
Uploading an m3u file won't give you EPG.
The trial allows EPG for only 50 channels.
Thank you. I will view them.

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