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Fox Canada Question
I see under the pinned topics that Fox Canada does not exist? 

We had it with Bell Canada Satellite, and it's advertised on their site as of now. Can I get some confirmation on this?

It's how we Canadians watch American Idol lol. Maybe I should use another channel's info?
fox Canada will be one of the american affiliates like fox seattle,tocoma,buffalo or whatever depending on which one your provider uses.
watch the channel for awhile and you should see the station call sign(example seattle is KCPQ).you can also get a idea by watching the commercials and see which city they are for.
if you google this callsign it will tell you the city its for.
then search the usa channel list for it.

on my bell subscription(eastern Canada) its fox boston WFTX.
your provider may be getting their steams from a western or central provider so it may be a different affiliate.
Exactly the info I was looking for. Thanks!

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