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No EPG data after Sunday 23:59

I have no more EPG data after next sunday (01.12) 23:59.

Can you help me please ?

Best Regards.
Your account will expire at that time probably.
You will have more data when you extend your subscription.
Ok, thanks.

Where can i renew my subscription ?
I just receive notification to renew my subscription and i don't understand why the two last years, subscription cost 11.87 and now it is 23.88 !

More than the double for the same service ?
The prices were increased on January 1st 2019.
We explained the reason why and we warned everybody through a newsletter and through the forum on December 1st 2018 about it and we also gave the chance to active customers to opt in to old prices many times before the raise and even since.

If you do not read our newsletters and forum announcements, then we are sorry, but then you have to live with these kind of surprises.

Also we do not discuss account related things on the forums.

If you have an issue or a request, contact us per email.
Ever heard about discretion in business?

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