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Actions keep getting set to Get EPG
I have noticed that for some reason I set a number of channels to "No EPG, excluded from m3u" but they keep getting switched back to "Get EPG".

I have confirmed that they are saved by leaving the page and going to another group and then back and also syncing it to my device and seeing the changes.

After a period of time (I can't say how long) it reverts back.
It was explained a hundred time on the forum that you have to click the SAVE button under the channels.
You do not click the SAVE ALL button under the groups!
The channels inherit the group settings.
If you set your group to GET EPG and you click the save button next to the group or the save all under the groups, all your channels will be set to the group setting.

That's a feature, not a bug.
It's for setting all your channels at once, without having the need to set them one by one manually.

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