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M3U contains too many channels
So, I apologize if this is a dumb question.. I have only been figuring out IPTV for about 2 months now.

I subscribed to an IPTV provider that gave me a link (link contains username, password, etc).

I have struggled to get a good EPG since day 1

I have registered a free account for the moment to see what its all about

I uploaded my file via the url they give me. It displays the first 50 lines/channels from the list.

all 50 of those i dont want.. Normally i would understand to download the m3u file and then delete lines, however, the feature of the m3u link they gave me is that if a channel goes down, they update the link in the m3u and since i use the link in all my media apps, it will update with the new link.. Therefore, downloading the m3u will eventually break many channels.

Is there something else i can do to filter out all the trash i dont want? at the end of the day there is 100 or less channels i actually want but the m3u contains 1900 channels?

Ive literally given myself many headache's trying to figure all of this out

Maybe I am looking for the wrong product? I dont know.. essentially i want to filter out all the channels I dont want and then get EPG for those channels and import just those channels and EPG into my player. any direction would be appreciated
Please watch the tutorial video on the main page to learn how to use the site.
You have an online editor for every m3u file, which will do exactly that what you want and much more.

Please read the texts on the website as they give you important information about what to do.
Blue buttons are to click! Tongue
Click the blue action button next to your m3u file.

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