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M3U upload issues
We have issues with uploading M3U files, mostly if they have too many rows and thousands of VOD movies.
You need to try in different times if you experience the issue.
If the file didn't import within 20 minutes, abort and try again later.
It doesn't do anything if you let it work for hours. By that time it already timed out.
The import will work up to 60.000 rows inside the m3u file guaranteed.
If you have more, you still can try, but you might need to try more often and maybe you will need to delete the difference manually.

Do not use and crosslink other online editors! You will create problems for yourself and you will throw away money!

Many IPTV providers have dashboards now where you can disable unwanted groups upfront, before you link your m3u file.

None the less we are working on increasing the capability of the editor every day.
Thank you for your patience!

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