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Missing EPG
Can you please EPG for the following channels:


Premium Sport 2  
Premium Cinema 2 
Premium Cinema +24
Premium Cinema 2 +24
Sky Cinema +1    


Fight Sports             
Sky Cinema Premiere +1
BeinTrueVision 1 to 4
ITV Box Office


Canal Alpha
CanalPlay 1 to 5


Taquilla 1 to 6

Thanks for the time!
Premium Sport 2 was already there, it was called Sport Calcio.
I renamed it now.

All other italian channels are time shifted version of the main channels, therefore they won't be added.
Just like Sky Cinema Premiere +1 too.
Use the epg of the main channel and timeshift in the m3u editor.

There is no Bein Sport in UK
TrueVision is in Thailand.
I added Bein Sports Thailand to Thailand.

There is no such channel as Fight Sports.
Please provide a website.

ITV Box Office seems to be down right now. I don't know if there is or will be EPG.

Canal Alpha is a swiss channel. It's in switzerland.

CanalPlay is a VOD service, like Amazon or Netflix.
They don't have a guide.
If they have a schedule, please provide a website.

Taquilla seems to be an adult channel (if that's what I found at all).
I don't think they have EPG.
If yes, please provide a website with a schedule.

We can't pull everything from thin air, you need to provide some info on the channels you want to have.

fightsports is on website
I found that site but I was not sure.
There is no EPG for that.

They list just single events on their website.
It doesn't look like something with a consistent and continous programming.

There is also no data I could get for that channel.

They list the events on different channels like showtime, spike and espn3

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