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How to have more than 500 channels per group?

Im doing the trial before I sub and its really great tool. However when I import xml/playlist it always break down my channel lists into numbered grouping if it has more than 500 channels.

ie. Movies - 7000 VOD. I would see Movies 1,2,3,etc,etc. 

Is there a way to import just like original playlist intended and mod it how I would want? Right now I have to bulk edit and copy manually all into one group, delete #2, copy #3, delete #3. Very painful and hopefully there is a way to do it easier!

The website slows down extremely and then times out eventually if you have thousands of channels or movies in one group.
We are working on making it better, but it is not just simply listing some titles. There are many other things happening in the background which need resources and processing.

Also you should delete all the unnecessary VOD movies. They are just a waste of time and resources and nobody ever watches them.
Did you ever watch any of them?
I don't think so.

There are way better solutions to stream movies and series than having an m3u file with tens of thousands of rows.
That's the worst way you can do it.

You do not need more than 250-300 TV channels in the first place, becasue you will never ever watch more than 20 channels regularly.
Having thousands of movies in one file is the stupidest idiocy the world have ever seen.
Understood. Didnt know it was resource intensive on the backend as well.

I disabled all VOD and Movies.
I hope it got better Smile
Sorry for my rant, but those unnecessary movies really annoy me Smile

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