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Large m3u files not able to import
I received a link of my iptv provider and try to import it but it does not work.
The link works fine when i enter them in my iptv player.

I waited for 1 hour and it was still 'importing', nothing seems to happen. (about 48.000 streams incl vod lines)
I then downloaded the m3u file (12.055kb) to my pc and uploaded it to your server, but sadly the same result.
It is 'importing' the file now for more the 30 minutes and nothing is happening.

Is it not possible to import (large) m3u files at all?
(i have a paid subscription)

Months ago this was also the case but then the website gave a gateway timeout, this now does not happen anymore but nothing seems to be happening.

Is there a file stream size or stream lines limit or something?!
There is no limit.
The server is probably busy.

Please try in different times.
It doesn't make sense to import for an hour.
If nothing happens within 20 minutes, please abort and try again.

We are working in the background continuously that these things never happen.

Please be patient.
Same here, tried through out the day.  Something must be down.

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