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Please add channels & fixed (latinos)
Dear Administrator

Along with greeting you, I am writing to request to add this channels:

AZ MUNDO (Mexico)

AZ CINEMA (Mexico)

AZ CLICK (Mexico)

TUDN (Mexico)

Telemundo Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)

Teledoce (Uruguay)

La Liga 123 TV (Spain)

NET TV (Argentina)

Fixed this channels:

Movistar Golf ES   ''0''
Concert Channel    ''0''
TN AR  ''0''
Cinemax PA  ''0''
DirecTV Sports DTSE 610 EC   ''130''   ( )
RTS EC    ''185''    ( )

Thank you  Wink
Telemundo Puerto Rico already in the list: WKAQ

La Liga 123 is already in the list it just has no programming.
Teledoce is already in the list as Canal 12

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