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(08-16-2019, 05:54 AM)Grahxen Wrote: Hello Athien in the defense of the admin the epg data for nat geo and nat geo Wild is the same, however it’s the same on every epg provider I checked. If you look at tomorrow’s epg , it’s been corrected.

Thank you for that info. TBH, I didn't think to look at other EPG providers, so it's good to know it wasn't limited to just here. I'm glad whoever figured it out, did!! Smile
Thank you for your honest and objective feedback, however I won't discuss this here.
If you want, we can discuss it per email in a private conversation.
Here I say only this: If I say, I looked for it, then you can be sure that I looked for it. If I say, it's there, then you can be sure that it's there. At least it was there when I looked. Discussing it with me won't help your case.
If I make a mistake (I am human too), I always admit and correct it.
In my experience the user is wrong in 99% of time.
That's it.

Nat Geo Wild was fixed because somebody else already made us aware of the problem.

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