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Bring back
I have several MTV music video channels that are all UK based. I used to get guide data for all of them but I no longer get guide data for MTV Dance. The iptv-epg code for it was/is Can the guide data for this be brought back? 

When I search the channel list on the website for "MTVDance" the UK one no longer shows up, but I still have it saved in my channel lineup.

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At least use Google please to learn your channels.

Just because your IPTV provider is ignorant and keeps it in the list, doesn't mean that the channel exists.

From wikipedia

Quote:MTV Dance was a 24-hour electronic dance music channel operated by Viacom International Media Networks Europe. It was available in the United Kingdom and Ireland on subscription satellite and digital television services until 23 May 2018 when it was replaced with Club MTV, with "We Are Your Friends" by Justice vs. Simian being the final music video to be played on the channel. The channel played danceEDMtrancetechno & house music.

You could have used the search on the channel page simply with "MTV" and you would have gotten the list of all MTV channels.

It's also listed in the "Discontinued Channels" topic

Please also read the "Channels you can't ask for" topic, if you are already at it.

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