Please read the Status Report Forum!

Use our own app called EPiG to get full EPG without needing an XML!

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New Forum
We have renewed our forum.

There is an Announcement and Status Report forum, which we will use to post Announcements and Status Reports.
You can not reply to those.

You can post threads in the Channel Request Forum and in the Feature Request Forum, but you can not reply to them.
We will reply if processed and moved into the appropriate sub forum.

If you post anything else in those forums, like support questions or bug reports, the threads will be deleted without warning.

We disabled Private Messages on the forum.

Until we installed a Knowledge Base and a Ticketing System next week, you can contact us by email with your registered email address.

If you contact us the first time by email, you will

1. greet with at least a "Hello"
2. explain your problem in detail, so that we also understand what your problem is. "Doesn't work" is not an explanation.
3. will thank for our help in advance
4. sign your email with at least a "bye"

If you can not fulfill any of the above, your email will be deleted without an explanation and without a reply.

If you talk to us like a jerk, or like we were your servants, or your SMS buddy, or mention that you paid 4.99 and now you want to be treated like a king, your email will be deleted and your email address set to the junk list.

Not knowing the rules will not set you free from these rules.

Thank you for your understanding.

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