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No epg on Israeli channels
There is a problem in some of the Israeli channels, there is no programming and a list of channels shows 0 programs.
Some of them were discontinued, so I removed them.
I changed the source for the others.
The problem continue, there are the channels that show nothing
Channel 9, channel 24, food network, food channel, travel channel sd, home& family, channel 8, channel 3, health channel, cbs reality, hot entertainment, hot zone, hot drama, all the channels of mtv and many more.
Something wrong with the Israeli channels
Sorry, I made a mistake and israel didn't get updated last night.
Now it's updating right.
Will be available in a few hours.

Although all the other channels except 4 or 5 had at least 6 days of EPG, so if you don't see EPG for all those channels, actually I believe, the problem might be on your side.
I am assuming here, that you know how to use the site.
If you look at the channel list, all israeli channels have shows.

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