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Germany - RTL UHD
Is it possible to get EPG data for the German channel RTL UHD ?


Transponder: 1.013
Frequenz: 11391,25Mhz (Horizontal)
Symbolrate: 22.000 Ms/s
Satellit: ASTRA 1KR, 19,2 Ost
Senderplatz: 319 (kann je nach TV-Hersteller abweichen und ggf. durch einen Sendersuchlauf gefunden werden)
There is no EPG data available for that channel.
Not even at T Mobile, although they have the channel in their assortment.
I couldn't find online program guides either.
When I do find something, I will post them here.
Thank you!
As soon as one is available and you can post it, we will add it.

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