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EPG not valid.
So heres my problem, i use Epig App and Tivimate and 
I have a list with 251 channels, most from mexico, argentina and panama.

From 251 channels, the web says that im using only 116 epg, when i actually using 224 epgs.

Tivimate or Epig only show me abour 30 epg info, rest of the channels says EPG Not Valid.

Is this a error of the website or from the epg source?
How can i fix it?

I uploaded some screenshots

Attached Files Image(s)
The selected channels are the selected tvg-ids. If you have 251 channels but half of it is a duplicate channel with the HD extension for example, thye system still uses the same tvg-id, so you have a tvg-id twice in the system, which you see as two channels but they are counted only once.

If you see the message "contact us", that means contact us per email with your account.

Otherwise I don't know who you are and what account I have to look at.
It works now.
At least in our EPiG app.

What Tivimate does, I don't know ;-)

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