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Suggestion for EPG XML

First off thanks for the great service and support. The recent improvements show that your site is lively and growing and that's just great.

Now, i have a suggestion. In the epg's xml, for many channels, you use a <sub-title> tag. It's displayed perfectly under the title in the channel view (EPiG Fire TV):

[Image: image.png]

But in the grid view (and all the other grid views of other epg apps), it disappears :

[Image: image.png]

So i was wondering if it wouldn't be better, in some cases at least, to put the subtitle in the title, in the form of "title: subtitle".

A series of channels that would greatly benefit from that are, as you can see in my pictures, the BT Sports ones. The title is often very short, like "Live EPL", with the interesting stuff being "hidden" in the subtitle (teams playing, etc). Same with Sky Classica HD (Italy). The title is often only the name of the composer, and the "most important" information about the work is in the subtitle.

Kind regards
Thanks for the kind words.
We are glad you like our service!

You are right. We will add the subtitles in the time table as well.

You can see the subtitles when you bring up the info bar on the actual streaming screen by clicking the OK button.

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