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problema epg su siptv (smartiptv)
I need help or advice, I set the entire channel list perfectly with the respective time shift +1 and + 2, but unfortunately when I load the channel list on smart iptv (siptv), there is no programming difference between the normal channels and those +1 and +2 (for example sky cinema and sky cinema +1 and +2 all carry the same programming in races without any difference, I also set my profile with the correct time zone (in my case roma), but nothing, am I wrong? Can you help me solve? thank you very much.
First of all you do not need to set timeshifts for every channel, because your app should set everything automatically.
Please read the FAQ before you ask stuff here, which is explained there.

The timeshift function in the editor adds timeshift to the m3u file.
SmartIPTV (and frankly almost all other apps as well) is not able to handle timeshift in m3u files, although it is not our invention.

If you REALLY NEED to use timeshift, use our own app. There it will work.

Or use timeshifting function in your actual app if available, which will then timeshift ALL your channels at once.

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