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Errors 403 and 406 with Tivimate
I'm using Tivimate as my main IPTV player which up until their latest update.
Since then I only get the above errors.
I dont get them when I use the unmodified playlists supplied by my sub service so that points me towards something happening on this end.
I posted on the Tivimate reddit and people with the same error (but not using this service) were able to change their playlist to .ts
Is there an option for that or anyone had this issue and know what to suggesT?
Ask the developers of Tivimate why their app can't handle your m3u file since their update.
I don't understand why you ask about an issue in tivimate here and on reddit, instead of asking the developers of the app.
Why do people tend to ask things on completely unrelated places waiting for an answer from completely unrelated people?

Anyway, you can probably change the output of the m3u file on the iptv provider side.

Either you have a dashboard there and you can set the m3u being .ts or you can simply change the download url of the m3u file to something like this:

Of course it only works if your provider gave you an url like this.

If you would use our app, then you wouldn't have this issue.
I Asked on reddit as the developer supports the app via his subreddit and I asked here because I thought someone may have encountered the same issue.

I dont use your app because I wasn't a fan of the UI. I cant currently use it as it throws an error on startup where others didn't.

The download url is as you described already. The provider doesn't have a dashboard but I've contacted them to ask if anything has changed in the last few days.

After playing around what I do know is that the original playlist works on all apps I've tried while my one generated from here does not.
I've created a new playlist with the same url and added in one folder of channels and it works fine.
This leads me to believe there is an issue with the playlist. 

Are you able to look into this please?
I don't know your account, so I can't look into it.
You need to contact me by email with your registered email account.

If you have the TS at the ending of your url, then I have actually no clue what even your problem is, as you didn't explain it.

Our playlist does nothing that would cause such an issue.

We take your original m3u and we add the tvg-id to the channels and we save the changes you make, like reordering channels, renaming channels etc.
We do not alter your streems, nor do we loop your streams through our servers or whatever you imagine we do.
You always connect to your provider.
Your app downloads the file from us at the start and processes it locally, so you actually have absolutely nothing to do with our servers while using any iptv app.

It is impossible that the m3u works everywehere, except tivimate and then it is our fault.

If our app throws an error, it can only be because you either didn't allow the app to see the m3u or because the epg is malformatted (which is almost impossible now).
In both cases the text tells you exactly what to do.
In one case it is to enable the m3u, in the other it is to contact us.

There is no other error message available in the app, so you can not blame our app for not working at all.

Also you rather use a renault clio instead of an SLK Mercedes, just because the clio is purple and the mercedes grey.
I'll pm you. I think there's a bit of misunderstanding here and I'll try to be clearer.

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