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IPTV Updates
Hi need some help I was always recieving notifications when my IPTV provider updated there channels list or if anything was changed , It has been well over a month now with not one notification , but I see that my provider has added channels and removed some but I have not received any notifications, I double checked to make sure that the email notification is turned on which it is.
Either your provider doesn't change the url, just changes the source and renames the channel or your m3u is a file upload, not a linked m3u.

We tell you about an update when a new url appears in the original m3u.
Nothing else is relevant to us.

You can read countless topics about this on the forum.
You should use the search function.

If your m3u is not linked to your original m3u, then you obviously don't get updates.
Link your m3u in the m3u options.
I have the same issue, As you mentioned my existing m3u's are URLs but still don't get any updates (I have notifications turned on), even though clearly the provider has made changes to the m3u which I have verified.

Therefore, I tried uploading the same URL again and it does not upload. I know you mentioned in many other threads to re-try and it will eventually work, but it never does for me. I keep getting a 504 Gateway timeout error every time. It's been like this for over a month now.
Why don't you add the new channels manually to the m3u on your acocunt?
There is a function for that.

Again: if there is a new url in the m3u, you get an update. If there is no new url, then there is no update.
That simple.
I don't know what's going on with your iptv provider, but apparently he didn't add a new url to the m3u, which was not already imported and deleted by you.
I can't explain it more simple to you.
If you don't believe me, then you don't. It won't change the fact.
If somebody complained about the update, it turned out every single time that the system worked as intended, so I won't discuss this any further.

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